Tag: Historical Fiction

The Order by John-Patrick Bayle (Book Review #1280)

The Order is a historical fiction set in 16th century France. Jan Vander Leuk, a young novice, realises that what he envisioned in joining the brotherhood isn’t all that he dreamed it was. He then has to change his way of thinking and go… Continue Reading “The Order by John-Patrick Bayle (Book Review #1280)”

A Wife for the Devil BY Shruti Rao (Book Review #1264)

A wife for the devil is a Victorian historical romance. The story begins with Elizabeth Lavoisier, a widow of 24 years of age and the illegitimate child of the Baron’s younger sister and an Indian soldier. She lives with her uncle, Baron Deverill. They… Continue Reading “A Wife for the Devil BY Shruti Rao (Book Review #1264)”

Songbird by Gail Meath (Book Review #1224)

Songbird is a historical mystery and is book one of the Jax Diamond Mystery series. Jax Diamon Is a private detected and is investigating a playwright’s death. When Laura Graystone, a Broadway star, gets involved in the investigation, things take a turn for both… Continue Reading “Songbird by Gail Meath (Book Review #1224)”

Out of no way by Rojé Augustin (Book Review 1217)

Out of no way is a beautiful story about Madam C. J. Walker, a haircare entrepreneur, and her daughter, A’Lelia. Roje. It is a historical fiction poetry book filled with the love of a mother and daughter relationship. Each poem is written differently, and… Continue Reading “Out of no way by Rojé Augustin (Book Review 1217)”

Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King (Book Review #1190)

Glory unbound is an African American historical fiction written about Glory Bishop. From the beginning, you realize that Glory is not having it easy. Her backstory, the relationship with her mother, and Malcolm, the villain, truly shape your mind about what she is dealing… Continue Reading “Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King (Book Review #1190)”

Clochán by Lawrence P. O’Brien (Book Review #1180)

Clochán is a historical fiction set in the late eighteenth century. Kevin Neal is six years old and has been through a great deal witnessing the loss of his family by English soldiers in 1798. As he runs away while he sees his family… Continue Reading “Clochán by Lawrence P. O’Brien (Book Review #1180)”

War Story by Rolf C. Margenau (Book Review #1165)

War story is a well-written historical fiction offering a different perspective on World War II. The coming of age story includes a nine-year-old New Englander, Achim, a Yale grad student, Paul, a sixteen-year-old female aviatrix who flies warplanes, Liesel, and a Nazi soldier, named… Continue Reading “War Story by Rolf C. Margenau (Book Review #1165)”

The Prisoner of Paradise by Rob Samborn (Book Review #1155)

This review has been featured in REVIEW TALES MAGAZINE. The Prisoner of Paradise is a historical fiction thriller about Nick taking a trip to Venice only to collapse after hearing a voice from Tintoretto’s Paradise, a monumental depiction of Heaven. Although his wife asks… Continue Reading “The Prisoner of Paradise by Rob Samborn (Book Review #1155)”

Hamer’s Quest by Jack Walker (Book Review #1144)

Hamer’s quest is a historical fiction about Jude McAbee traveling to Terlingua, meeting Ranger Frank Hamer, and beginning working together bringing law and order to Navasota.