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In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow by Kenneth Harmon (Book Review #741)

In the realm of ash and sorrow is a historical fiction and magical realism story written about Micah Lund and Kiyomi Oshiro. Micah is a bombardier who has lost his mother and brother. He is seeking revenge. Kiyomi is a Japanese war widow who… Continue Reading “In the Realm of Ash and Sorrow by Kenneth Harmon (Book Review #741)”

Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor (Book Review #695)

Beyond the moon is a mixture of first world war literary, historical fiction with a mix of time travel and love story. The story is about Louisa, who is sadly burying her grandfather. The loss hits her badly, and as she drowns in the… Continue Reading “Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor (Book Review #695)”

The Two Hands of The King by Wayne Mckinstry (Book Review #685)

The two hands of the king is a historical fantasy story written about Sir Donald and Lord Overton, who fight over King Philp. Things take a change when evil attacks the lands. The two then need to work together to defend their existence and,… Continue Reading “The Two Hands of The King by Wayne Mckinstry (Book Review #685)”

The Seaborne by A.G.Rivett

A novel of Celtic quantum time that asks us to consider the ways in which we are all born strangers, seaborne foundlings, living between worlds. A parable for our particularly torn times. Damian Walford Davies   What if you had no choice but to… Continue Reading “The Seaborne by A.G.Rivett”

The Glass Bulldog by Alison Huntingford (Book Review #682)

The glass bulldog is a historical fiction about Tom. The story is set in 1833 after Tom has lost his sister and is struggling to make ends meet. A simple mistake costs him time in prison, and once he is free, Tom ends up… Continue Reading “The Glass Bulldog by Alison Huntingford (Book Review #682)”

The Dog on the Acropolis by Mark Tedesco (Book Review #671)

The dog on the Acropolis is a historical fiction story. The book is about the adventures of a dog living on the Acropolis who forms transforming relationships with humans. Whenever the dog, Drago, falls asleep, the reader is transported to ancient Greece, when the… Continue Reading “The Dog on the Acropolis by Mark Tedesco (Book Review #671)”

The Night Is Far Gone by Tim Jorgenson (Book Review #670)

The night is far gone represents the time frame when the Romanov fell during the Russian revolution. The historical fiction is set in 1912 and provides a detailed explanation of what the Russian Monarchy went through with Rasputin.

Farewell My Life: Buona Notte Vita Mia by Cynthia Sally Haggard (Book Review #666)

Farewell, my life is a historical fiction written in three parts. The story was primarily set around the time when the Nazis rose and so it has many war scenes.

The Unwelcome Stranger by Valerie Cullers (Book Review #652)

The unwelcome stranger is a religious fiction novella set in the fourth century about the time which Constantine comes to invade Italy. The historical fiction is about Livia Arvum, who is a grieving widow and meets Lucius, who is hasting to deliver news about… Continue Reading “The Unwelcome Stranger by Valerie Cullers (Book Review #652)”