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The Witch’s Song by J. L. Lyndon Hickman (Book Review #1153)

This review has been featured in REVIEW TALES MAGAZINE. Why Are You Here? – is a collection of twelve short stories written with female narratives. The author’s selection of storytelling demonstrates the struggles women face in different cultures and difficult circumstances. The Witch’s Song… Continue Reading “The Witch’s Song by J. L. Lyndon Hickman (Book Review #1153)”

337 by M. Jonathan Lee (Book Review #830)

337 is a contemporary fiction written about Samuel Darte, a boy who sadly wakes up to a note and ring from his mother, not knowing where she has disappeared. Only his Grandma knows what happened to his mother, and as the story takes you… Continue Reading “337 by M. Jonathan Lee (Book Review #830)”

Spooky Action at a Distance by Felicia Watson (Book Review #690)

Spooky action at a distance is a traditional science fiction/space opera written in the vein of Gene Roddenberry-Esque storytelling. Even though this is a sequel to last years We Have met the Enemy; the two are self-contained complete stories.

Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You by Valeria Koopman (Book Review #536)

Fit for joy is a psychological self-help book providing an insightful look as to how one can combine spirituality with physical fitness, and what outcome is achieved after that. The subject matter and goal is inner peace. The author attempts to use her own… Continue Reading “Fit for Joy: The Healing Power of Being You by Valeria Koopman (Book Review #536)”

Creating a Memorable Character by Jeyran Main

Creating a Memorable Character by Jeyran Main   John Yeoman has some very interesting opinions on creating that impression when it comes to building characters. The first question that may come to mind is, if your character may, in fact, need to be memorable?… Continue Reading “Creating a Memorable Character by Jeyran Main”

3 Hour Dad by Adam T Hourlution (Book Review #479)

3 Hour Dad is a story written about Adam who becomes a father without knowing that his girlfriend is pregnant. At first, they think that it is appendicitis, but once he rushes to the hospital, he realizes that his girlfriend is having a baby.