Tag: Contemporary Fiction

Clementine Lane by Eoghan Brunkard (Book Review #1077)

Clementine lane is a humorous urban life story written in a contemporary style of fiction. The story is based on three interwoven narrative plotlines set in Clementine Lane, where everyone is in everyone’s business. Things change when a drug rehabilitation centre is open and… Continue Reading “Clementine Lane by Eoghan Brunkard (Book Review #1077)”

Don’t Fence Me In by Heath Daniels (Book Review #1056)

Don’t fence me in is a contemporary fiction novel. It is set around the year 2017/18 and displays an unsettled America with several bombings, shutdowns, illegal immigrant detainments, and so much more.

Catch Handle by Alison O’Mara (Book Review #879)

Catch handle is a fictional contemporary story about beautiful Arabian horses and Vivian, a new veterinarian’s journey working with them at her aunt’s ranch.

The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)

The swing of life is the second part of a contemporary fiction/family novella written about Antonia turning 50. He is surrounded by everyone he loves. However, the party falls apart a bit with him having some unanswered dilemma. As days go by Antonia understands… Continue Reading “The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)”

Love and Pollination by Mari Jane Law (Book Review #850)

Love and pollination is a funny contemporary fiction written about Perdita. Perdita has never been kissed and has a crush who has no clue about her feelings. Her client realizes the ordeal and suggests some moderation towards Perdita’s image. Her failure and its complications… Continue Reading “Love and Pollination by Mari Jane Law (Book Review #850)”

337 by M. Jonathan Lee (Book Review #830)

337 is a contemporary fiction written about Samuel Darte, a boy who sadly wakes up to a note and ring from his mother, not knowing where she has disappeared. Only his Grandma knows what happened to his mother, and as the story takes you… Continue Reading “337 by M. Jonathan Lee (Book Review #830)”

Were We Awake: Stories by Lorna Brown (Book Review#725)

Were we awake is a collection of short stories written in a very genuine way. Each tale is theatrical and has a substantially fulfilling tale. Some take you back in history or are geographically intertwined, and some are more mysterious and dramatic with its… Continue Reading “Were We Awake: Stories by Lorna Brown (Book Review#725)”

Birthright: Sierra’s Legacy by Rod Martinez (Book Review #661)

Birthright is a young adult story written about a girl named Sierra. Something horrible happens at a lake, leaving deep scars on her and subsequently effects the rest of her life. The young girl possesses powers that shape up the storyline in an interesting… Continue Reading “Birthright: Sierra’s Legacy by Rod Martinez (Book Review #661)”

The Essence of Shade by Deborah Jean Miller (Book Review #575)

The essence of shade is a Christian woman’s fiction about Shade who is happily married to a Christian man and has a child. Things go wrong when her husband passes away as he leaves behind breadcrumbs of secrets and unhappy things happen that affect… Continue Reading “The Essence of Shade by Deborah Jean Miller (Book Review #575)”