Tag: women’s fiction

Freefall – A Divine Comedy by Lily Iona Mackenzie (Book Review #511)

Freefall is a fictional tale about Tillie, an aspiring artist. She decides to reunite with her friends and after an accident while hiking; they become closer and decide to travel to Italy in order to celebrate the millennium.

Pearl, MD by Marie Bartlett (Book Review #29)

  This book revolves around the time where a woman was not welcome to have a profession other than being a housemaid. Men were dominating and made decisions for them, and if one decided to beat the social norm, such as Pearl, they choose… Continue Reading “Pearl, MD by Marie Bartlett (Book Review #29)”

Chocolate for Lilly by Caroline Clemens (Book Review #421)

Chocolate for Lilly is a historical fiction set in the 1920s. It is the first book of its series, and the story revolves around Lilly and Robert. Lilly is looking for the long-lost sister she never knew she had, and Robert, her childhood friend,… Continue Reading “Chocolate for Lilly by Caroline Clemens (Book Review #421)”

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Laurel by Helen Mathey-Horn (Book Review #417)

Laurel is a romance novel about this beautiful girl that loves to paint. The story is set in the 1830’s and is so historically exact to its time that the reader faces slangs from that time as well. When her parents decide to change… Continue Reading “Laurel by Helen Mathey-Horn (Book Review #417)”