Laurel by Helen Mathey-Horn (Book Review #417)

Laurel is a romance novel about this beautiful girl that loves to paint. The story is set in the 1830’s and is so historically exact to its time that the reader faces slangs from that time as well. When her parents decide to change Laurel’s life, she decides to take action and runs away to London. There she loses the one address that she knew was to be a safe place and so with no other way to go around the problem, Laurel decides to dress like a man and cut her hair in order to blend in with the norm, changing her identity. That is when the story takes an interesting turn.

I enjoyed the fact that the story revolved around the society and social norm alongside focusing on women empowerment and working as an artist. Laurel is strong and has the perfect character for the storyline. I found the pace to be steady and the ongoing dialogue provided enough interest making the reader wanting more.

The book also reminded me of the Disney Cartoon “Mulan” where she too dressed up as a man in order to fight in the war, taking her ill father’s place. The concept was sweet yet, it brought along many issues that women face due to their sex and things that are expected from them.

I recommend this book to people that enjoy women fiction and romance.

Written by Jeyran Main

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