Reincarnation by Tabitha Zalot (Book Review #190)

This review was kindly requested by Lean Stone Book Club.

Reincarnation is a non- fiction- semi-religious book written about Karma and what happens after death. The author believes that there are seven levels of astral worlds where people have to evolve through different lives until they reach the level of Karma, which can liberate them from the reincarnation cycle.

I found the book to lack major references and substantial evidence to suggest the opinions mentioned in the content. There are some indications of the type of religions or faith that do think the same in reincarnation, but the author failed to really create a believable argument to convince the reader and validate his thoughts.

The book was very short and focused more on good Karma, bad Karma instead of reincarnation itself. The other thing I would like to add is that the book did have some editing issues. There were sentences starting with “so” or at one time the paragraph began with “long story short”, which indicates the lack of quality in providing acceptable written literature.

Besides all mentioned above, the author does succeed in providing a glimpse of what the astral world is like and how one can succeed in evolving their soul.

Written by Jeyran Main

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