Immediacy: Our Ways of Coping in Everyday Life (Book Review #189)

This review was written for Online Book Club

“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

This book was an “ Book of the Day.”

Immediacy is a non-fiction – Psychology – Social Science book written about ways of which we can cope in everyday life.

The book begins with informing us that from the day we are born, every single one of us must cope with the world we live in. Based on how effective with cope, we succeed to survive. The transaction between an organism and its environment is vital if one is to live a fulfilled life. The book dwells on the social- psychological aspect of the transactions taking place and believes that it is in fact, out inadequate ways of looking for information which creates human pain and suffering.

I found the book to be academically suited. It felt like reading a thesis and that the author was in the process of bringing something new to the table. The literature standard was outstanding and although the book appears to be written in an educational way, I believe anyone would enjoy getting to know more about the social aspect of human behavior.

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Immediacy is the focus of this book and it is examined in five ways. The author really categorizes the topics he wishes to discuss in a very organized way. The chapters and layout of the book, for instance, examines Transcendence, Constriction, Impingings, Transformation, and the unknowable in immediacy throughout the book. The paradigm is discussed through various essays and it is a venture.

In summary, the book beautifully informs us that unanswered questions are to be a catalyst. It should energize and awaken us to new possibilities rather than disappoint and dissatisfy us.

I highly recommend this book to psychologists, social science readers, and people that appreciate knowing more about human behavior.

Written by Jeyran Main

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