Silas Morlock by Mark Cantrell (Book Review #418)

Silas Morlock is a dark urban fantasy set in macabre. Books are banned, and Adam is living in this society where a technological system, is taking over and consuming its people. He discovers the love for reading and books only to realize that the benefactor is Silas Morlock and discovers why the books disappeared in the first place.

What I enjoyed most about the book was its originality. The literature was strong, and the pace was steady keeping the reader interested wanting to know what was to come. Adam had a neat personality. He wasn’t the hero everyone wants to see. He is a misfit but, happens to be given great responsibility.

The world description stood out for me. It had the descriptive nature of a good story and did not overexpose the parts where you would need to keep in order for the story to move forward. I believe anyone interested in science fiction and dystopian stories would really enjoy this one.

The work could improve where it all comes together, but that did not take away anything from enjoying the nature of its substance.

I believe the author has potential in creating good work and is one to look out for.

Written by Jeyran Main

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