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Health Mind Soul by Jeff Simpson (Book Review #977)

Health mind soul is a self-help book providing 8 steps to finding your inner peace. The book is geared for anyone who wants to make real-life changes. The author wishes the reader to aim big and emphasizes that life is too short.

Walk your path by Jessica Marie Baumgartner (Book Review #756)

Walk your path is a self-help book about Jessica’s journey leading her on a spiritual adventure of self-awareness and healing. With the help of her Pagan routes, she writes about her beliefs, offering relief, achieving an understanding, power and guidance.

Living Lightly – Bring Happiness and Calm to Your Everyday by Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander (Book Review #680)

Living lightly is a self-help book written about ways to create happiness and calmness into your life. It approaches the matter by initially identifying that things are not going well. It asks you to step back and have a different look at the situation… Continue Reading “Living Lightly – Bring Happiness and Calm to Your Everyday by Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander (Book Review #680)”

Layman’s Handbook: A Journey to Self by Aidan McNally (Book Review #677)

  A Journey to self is a handbook written providing the tools for people who wish to make a change in their lives.

Find Your Inner Gold by Karen Hood- Caddy (Book Review #675)

Find your inner gold is a self-help book providing 21 ways as a tool to find your own strength and to transform yourself. The book is to be used as an emotional cleanse in order to remove bad habits and to implement long-lasting behavior.

How to Make Rational Decisions While Keeping Your Mind Clear

Here are a few tips and points that may help you when you have to make the right decision. Pause and reflect Many people like to prepare and plan, and some like to be fast and respond to situations immediately. This can sometimes work… Continue Reading “How to Make Rational Decisions While Keeping Your Mind Clear”

Is what you WANT what you Need?

Is what you WANT what you Need? There are times in life where you sit and wonder about the things that you really want in life. I am talking about the essential elements such as choosing a partner, picking a university or a college… Continue Reading “Is what you WANT what you Need?”

Self-Discipline by Jeyran Main

Self-Discipline by Jeyran Main   You cannot win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your own mind. Self-discipline is the center of all material success. 99% of people are not willing to do what it takes to make… Continue Reading “Self-Discipline by Jeyran Main”

The Woman Warrior Writing by Diana Raab, PhD

  The Woman Warrior by Diana Raab, PhD Since an early age, writing has been my panacea when moving through challenging times. My passion began during my childhood when my mother gave me a Khalil Gibran journal to help me cope with the loss… Continue Reading “The Woman Warrior Writing by Diana Raab, PhD”