Layman’s Handbook: A Journey to Self by Aidan McNally (Book Review #677)


A Journey to self is a handbook written providing the tools for people who wish to make a change in their lives.

I have read two other books from this author, and so I was familiar with the literature style of writing and how he maneuvered between words to describe a notion of his thoughts. It was apparent to me that Aidan had been working on this project for a while because his previous books had also mentioned a lot of the same journey.


The book covers relaxation remedies, grief, how to dream big and discusses what classes as good or bad behaviour. The author has expressively mentioned that this book is for those who have questioned LIFE itself, and thus I feel that it is suitable for anyone who simply likes to read a feel-good book.


The author’s experience and life story are unique; however, it can easily be relatable to the ones that understand the core message embedded in the text.


The literature is easy to read and to understand. It possesses a storytelling style of writing to it and is one of those that you can put down and then come back to it.


Written by Jeyran Main

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