Interview with Kate Moseman, Author of Roller Coaster Romance

Interview with Kate Moseman, Author of Roller Coaster Romance


Tell us about your upcoming novel, Roller Coaster Romance.

Roller Coaster Romance is the story of a theme park manager who falls for one of her employees (and vice versa) in the middle of a drive to unionize the employees.

What inspired this story?

While I was in college, I worked at the Magic Kingdom for a year.  My memories of being a theme park employee added to the many years I have spent visiting theme parks inspired Roller Coaster Romance.


Do you have a favorite character in this story?

I love them all, of course, but Thomas (the male romantic lead) is my favorite.  He’s a real charmer.


You’ve created a unique theme park for Roller Coaster Romance.  What’s it like?

The most visually striking feature of Destiny Park is the Mirror Castle at its center.  The exterior of the castle is made completely of mirrors, which reflect the sky, the park itself, and everything that happens around the castle.  Destiny Park is divided into four themed lands: Fantasy, Discovery, Galaxy, and Legacy.  During Roller Coaster Romance, we spend the most time in Legacy, but I’m hoping to fully explore another land in each subsequent book.


Was there a reason you incorporated unionization in the plot of Roller Coaster Romance?

I’ve been a union member while a theme park employee, and also (for a much longer period of time) as a public school teacher.  I’m a strong supporter of organized labor, and I felt that there were some interesting unionization situations that could form the basis of a plot.  It’s an issue with lots of potential for conflict.


Is there a connection between labor unions and romantic unions?

Perhaps not literally, but Roller Coaster Romance certainly plays with the theme of the union on many levels.  There are friendships, alliances, rivalries, and love at stake in every chapter.


If you visited Destiny Park, where would you go first?

I’d go straight to the “haunted house” ride, Ghost Factory, where my characters spend a lot of time.


Where can readers pick up a copy of Roller Coaster Romance?

You can pick up your copy of Roller Coaster Romance on Amazon.


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