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An Interview With Sherry Quan Lee

I think favorite could be interpreted in various ways. I co-wrote a performance piece, Black White Chinese Women Got the Beat, with a woman twenty years younger than me. The significance of that writing was the similarities and differences of two mixed-race women with… Continue Reading “An Interview With Sherry Quan Lee”

An interview with Scott & Ashley Roepel

Right now I am writing an epic fantasy series titled Thread of Souls. I’ve got the first two books published, and the third in the series is launching August 27th. The series will be eight books long, so I’m really excited to be in… Continue Reading “An interview with Scott & Ashley Roepel”

An Interview with Terdell Lee Johnson

How do you schedule your life when you’re writing? I take a strategic approach to assure movement in the story. Previously, I used Google calendar to pick the days that I’m going to write and block out about two hours. Currently, I have a… Continue Reading “An Interview with Terdell Lee Johnson”

Interview With Luanne Castle

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? When I was ten or eleven, I began to write a few poems. The satisfaction I felt when I finished a poem was a great motivation to keep going. One of my first… Continue Reading “Interview With Luanne Castle

An Interview With AE Hines

Pre-order the collection and each dollar raised between June and November will be matched dollar-for-dollar and donated to The Trevor Project. 1. What’s your favorite thing you have written? This is a difficult question. I don’t generally think of anything I write in this way,… Continue Reading “An Interview With AE Hines”

A Little Chat with N J M Hemfrey

What are your published works? I self-published my first book, “Haxfuri”, in February 2020. Haxfuri is a cosmic grimdark horror that doesn’t care about your feelings, and I’ve been firmly assured of this by people who have read it. At 640 pages, it is… Continue Reading “A Little Chat with N J M Hemfrey”

Author interview with Chris Humphreys

What’s your favorite thing you have written? Oh, so hard to answer! It’s like choosing between my children! (Uh, actually that’s easy because I only have one) I like different books for different reasons: the mad fun of The French Executioner, the cool adventures… Continue Reading “Author interview with Chris Humphreys”

An interview with Elizabeth Kropf

1.      What inspired you to write the poems in What Mothers Withhold? The poems in “what mothers withhold” took about ten years to write and are largely based on my experiences with motherhood. Chronologically, the first poem is about an ultrasound of my first daughter. I… Continue Reading “An interview with Elizabeth Kropf”

Interview with Kate Moseman, Author of Roller Coaster Romance

Interview with Kate Moseman, Author of Roller Coaster Romance   Tell us about your upcoming novel, Roller Coaster Romance. Roller Coaster Romance is the story of a theme park manager who falls for one of her employees (and vice versa) in the middle of… Continue Reading “Interview with Kate Moseman, Author of Roller Coaster Romance”