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1000 BOOK REVIEWS…done!

I hit 1000 book reviews! Rod Walters kindly wrote this for me. Written by Rod Walters Congratulations, Review Tales, on 1,000! Anyone ever run into another book reviewer who has chalked up a thousand reviews? Of course you almost certainly haven’t.

Let’s Ask Billy Johnson

You ask, “Billy Johnson, whatever possessed an old guy like you to write THE CASSEROLE LADIES?” Reasonable question. I mean after all it’s about five unmarried older Southern women looking for postmortem romance. That topic doesn’t even come close to appealing to the coveted… Continue Reading “Let’s Ask Billy Johnson”

Soledad in the desert by Meredith Sue Willis (Book review #808)

Soledad in the desert is a colonized science fiction story told by a child Soledad. The tale is about a group of people who have reinvented a culture in an alien world, and it’s told through the eye of their children.

To Give Thanks: Our Pilgrim Ancestors BY DAVE CURLISS (Book Review #805)

To give thanks is a thinking wonderment of our grandparent’s Mayflower crossing in 1620 and the incredible sequence of events leading to the first Thanksgiving. This historical book reminds us of the early American pilgrims taking mankind from an old world and delivering it… Continue Reading “To Give Thanks: Our Pilgrim Ancestors BY DAVE CURLISS (Book Review #805)”

The Rayne Project (Project Hercules, Book 1) by Lyna Lopez (Book Review #804)

The Rayne project is a sci-fi, dystopian superhuman novel about Rayne. A plague has taken over the world, and the habitable zones are governed by the military, who use super-soldiers to fight the battle for them. For some particular reason, Rayne turns out to… Continue Reading “The Rayne Project (Project Hercules, Book 1) by Lyna Lopez (Book Review #804)”

Kindness Feels Incredible – Piper and Beanie Adventures by Donna Coker (Book Review #802)

Kindness feels incredible is a children’s book dedicated to all children that need a little kindness. The story begins with Piper and Beanie going for a swim when they see Rowdy, a not so nice dog throwing stones at a squirrel. When Piper and… Continue Reading “Kindness Feels Incredible – Piper and Beanie Adventures by Donna Coker (Book Review #802)”

Perfect by D. D. Larsen (Book Review #793)

Perfect is a romantic crime story written about Seryna. She is a teenager going to high school. She is passionately involved with someone who is rich, powerful. There is one problem though, the FBI is suspicious of her family, and her boyfriend is part… Continue Reading “Perfect by D. D. Larsen (Book Review #793)”

Vanwest The Past by Kenneth Thomas (Book Review #790)

The past is a dystopian time travel thriller. It is the first book of the Vanwest series and is about an enforcer who lives in dystopian earth of the year 3000 and works for an authoritarian ruler called the Universal Council.

The Tech by Mark Ravine (Book Review #788)

The tech is a crime mystery novel about Cassidy, who works for the FBI. She is trouble, stands her ground, and following orders is just not what Cassidy does.  She has a reputation. When Cassidy returns to Arizona, she finds herself in a predicament.… Continue Reading “The Tech by Mark Ravine (Book Review #788)”