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Cupid and the Silent Goddess by Alan Fisk (Book Review #1422)

‘Cupid and the Silent Goddess’ is a non-fiction book written about a painting done in 1544, commissioned by the artist Bronzino and gifted to the King of France. The painting Allegory with Venus and Cupid is well-known amongst those who appreciate art.

An Interview with Matejs Kalns

1-When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? Probably very late on, I’ve always written stories from a very young age, scribbled little ideas and scenes. I didn’t fully commit to writing a novel until I was in my late twenties. It was a very nerve-wracking experience, but my debut book… Continue Reading “An Interview with Matejs Kalns”

Hello Spring! The 6th Magazine Edition is out!

Review Tales Magazine – The 6th Spring Edition is out! Please support your writing community by purchasing a copy today. Review Tales MagazineSpring Edition 6 We welcome Spring 2023 with open arms. The 6th edition of this magazine is filled with many delightful and… Continue Reading “Hello Spring! The 6th Magazine Edition is out!”

Purchase Your Copy!

Review Tales Magazine – Winter Edition 05 is out! Please support your writing community by purchasing a copy today. Review Tales MagazineWinter Edition 5 We ring in the New Year with hope and a promise. We hope the holiday season has given you enjoyment… Continue Reading “Purchase Your Copy!”

Our Fall Book Magazine is Out!

A Note from the Editor The fall edition is here. What you have in your hands is another magazine filled with exciting and insightful author advice, confessions, and discussions. This edition enables you to understand how negative reviews should not necessarily affect you. Climbing… Continue Reading “Our Fall Book Magazine is Out!”

I Write to Right my Mind By Eleanor Amicucci

All art forms are for two: the audience, and the artist. As the artist, one seeks to create something that will move the audience, teach them, humor them, or simply make them think about a topic in a new way. At the same time… Continue Reading “I Write to Right my Mind By Eleanor Amicucci”

Bright Lights Bound by Darkness by I.M. Savage (Book Review #1230)

Bright lights bound by darkness is a sci-fi action story about a universe that is expanding until it is virtually empty. The remaining human inhabitants live with Nano, a sentient spaceship orbiting a dead dwarf star in an otherwise empty universe.

My hardship in writing by Dennis Scheel

Writing novels is not a short endeavor; at least, I haven’t experienced it to be. For the last five years, I have been working on my books in the Underworlds series, three novels so far, with the fourth and final one currently standing at… Continue Reading “My hardship in writing by Dennis Scheel”

‘Ravensong and the power of change.’ by Brian Hayes

This story has a mythological element but does not correspond to any one system of belief I can find. Dayeus Pitar (Father of heaven) belongs to the Verdic mythology and is equivalent to the Greek god Zeus. Rhea is the daughter of the titan… Continue Reading “‘Ravensong and the power of change.’ by Brian Hayes”