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Nonfiction and Me by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

When most people talk about books or writing they usually mean fiction. I’ve created plenty of my own worlds and original stories, but my most prominent tales are all true stories. Nonfiction is incredibly underrated. From Michelle Obama’s memoir to I Am Malala, Born… Continue Reading “Nonfiction and Me by Jessica Marie Baumgartner”

The Hidden Protagonist by Ron Zayas

I was halfway through my novel, following my character descriptions and intricate outline to a T, when I realized I had the wrong hero.

Nancy Burkhalter – The Education of Delhomme: Chopin, Sand, & La France – Le Mot Juste

Nancy Burkhalter The Education of Delhomme: Chopin, Sand, & La France Le Mot Juste For the historical novelist, thorough research is mandatory. We must make sure that the Union Pacific train ran through Laramie, Wyoming, in 1880 and not the Burlington Northern. Even if… Continue Reading “Nancy Burkhalter – The Education of Delhomme: Chopin, Sand, & La France – Le Mot Juste”

Off-Island by Marlene Hauser

The release of my novel Off-Island in paperback by Matador, part of Troubador Publishing had been long overdue. Originally written in 1982 and entitled Krystal, the then name of the main character, it was shelved after several major publishing houses in New York took a pass. As… Continue Reading “Off-Island by Marlene Hauser”

A Guide to Resources for Aspiring Writers by Moody Two Shoes

Writing is a challenging and rewarding pursuit, but it can also be isolating. Fortunately, numerous resources available for aspiring writers can help you develop your craft, connect with other writers, and grow your audience. Here’s a list of some of the best resources for… Continue Reading “A Guide to Resources for Aspiring Writers by Moody Two Shoes”

You Won’t Know Unless You Try by June Rollins

In 1970, when I was in the eighth grade, I met with my guidance counselor to determine my electives. I told her I wanted to be an artist, and she registered me for Art 101. I still remember how eager I felt on the… Continue Reading “You Won’t Know Unless You Try by June Rollins”

A few words by Kevin Doyle

         The other day, I managed to do something I hadn’t accomplished for years.          I wrote a short story.          Okay, a little background here. When I first began writing fiction (a long, long time ago), I started with short stories and pretty… Continue Reading “A few words by Kevin Doyle”

Bringing Overlooked Historical Figures To Life by Christie Stratos

It can be fun to write about historical figures everyone knows, but I find it extra exciting to resurrect real people history has forgotten.

A Victorian Dinner by Lyssa Medana

A Victorian Dinner by Lyssa Medana Do you eat avocado toast? Because if you do, there will be people out there who will label you as soon as you confess. Do you eat ramen? How about swordfish steak? Do you eat tofu? How about… Continue Reading “A Victorian Dinner by Lyssa Medana”