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Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)

Happy to meet me is a journal made to provide an endless life of self-exploration. Its goal is to make the writer feel a shift in their thoughts, feelings and life. It contains deliberately placed prompts to stimulate deep insights and asks you to… Continue Reading “Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)”

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Find Your Inner Gold by Karen Hood- Caddy (Book Review #675)

Find your inner gold is a self-help book providing 21 ways as a tool to find your own strength and to transform yourself. The book is to be used as an emotional cleanse in order to remove bad habits and to implement long-lasting behavior.

A quick start guide to methadone maintenance counseling by Abraham H. Kou LPC, CAADC (Book Review #524)

This is a direct and informative book about Methadone. It covers facts about methadone maintenance and everything that is medically and scientifically presented in medicine regarding this opioid.


THE PURSUIT OF HEALTH by Valeria Teles  I went for a run because I had eaten a small, organic dark chocolate cookie the day before and I felt that I had to punish myself. It was habitual for me to punish myself with strenuous, caloric… Continue Reading “THE PURSUIT OF HEALTH by Valeria Teles”

The Messy Joys of Being Human by Helen Rosenau (Book Review #503)

The messy joys of being human is a self-help book about changing your life in the matter of creating an atmosphere which promotes a happier mood and a happier you.

DE- ESCALATE by Douglas E. Noll (Book Review #381)

DE-ESCALATE is a non-fiction, self-help book about How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less. The book is particularly aimed at women and parenting. The author demonstrates methods in calming yourself and the angry one, as he has worked on this… Continue Reading “DE- ESCALATE by Douglas E. Noll (Book Review #381)”

The Time Miracle by Jean Paul (Book Review #491)

The time miracle is a self-help book designed to assist you in creating a quality life while you are living in this century. The book also emphasizes generating health, money, and fun in a resourceful way.

Asian Herbs by Sudhir Ahluwalia (Book Review #485)

Asian herbs, is a book regarding herbs, its botanical aspects and everything that a person would need to know about its historical, and medicinal aspects.

Psychotherapy for Depression by Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy for Depression by Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D. There are many different approaches to treat depression with psychotherapy. I, of course, have my own thoughts about what works best. But first I need to outline three of the most common psychotherapy approaches: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Focuses… Continue Reading “Psychotherapy for Depression by Sharon DeVinney, Ph.D.”