Happy to meet me by Calista J. McBride (Book Review #703)


Happy to meet me is a journal made to provide an endless life of self-exploration. Its goal is to make the writer feel a shift in their thoughts, feelings and life. It contains deliberately placed prompts to stimulate deep insights and asks you to spend 5 minutes a day to achieve such results.

This self-help book teaches the reader how to practice loving yourself. The work begins with an introduction and then follows through with a detailed explanation of how the journal works. The roadmap promises to find the path to self- discovery and self-awareness. It overflows with self-love, and by including writing prompts, it enables the lucky reader to elevate self- esteem.

The journal has questions like ‘What do others fail to see in you?’ or ‘What is natural about you?’ seeking answers provoking the reader to self-reflect.

The book is organized and layered through in order to address various self-discipline matters.

I would recommend it to anyone that wishes to make positive changes in their lives.

The fact of spending some time specifically to pay attention to your inner thoughts and daily reminisce about yourself surely cannot harm anyone.

I found the work useful in raising self- awareness, providing promises to yourself and causing an overflow of self-love. For this reason, I believe that everyone who cares about themselves would benefit from having a copy of this journal in their home. The point of the book is to be a journal cultivating self-love and happiness in this modern world.

I look forward to reading more from this author.

Written by Jeyran Main

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