Asian Herbs by Sudhir Ahluwalia (Book Review #485)

Asian herbs, is a book regarding herbs, its botanical aspects and everything that a person would need to know about its historical, and medicinal aspects.

There are also discussions and details about Asian plants and its industrial users of herbs, shrubs, and trees. Ayurveda medicine and plants take a predominant part of this self-help book. The literature was rich with a well-explained style of writing, making it easy to follow and understand.


Modern applications are always the main question when it comes to medicine. The author proves that these herbs are being used as food and medicine in this time and age.


I found the literature to have a good flow to it as well. Aromatic herbs of India, trees, spices, and herbs were all mentioned and mattered in this book. I particularly enjoyed that fact that the author added Marijuana and Ginseng to the mix of herbs discusses.


I believe this book was very informative and suits and audience that prefer medical treatments that don’t necessarily come with side effects. I recommend this book to people in the field of medicine.


Written by Jeyran Main

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