The Messy Joys of Being Human by Helen Rosenau (Book Review #503)

The messy joys of being human is a self-help book about changing your life in the matter of creating an atmosphere which promotes a happier mood and a happier you.

The author is a life coach and therefore the book is filled with life and advice stories on how to become successful in your life. What made this book stand out for me was its way of walking you through the situations rather than just bombarding you with the information you may have read elsewhere.

I Particularly enjoyed the quote from Rumi being used, “I have a certain knowing. Now I want sight.” The work was divided into five sections and each section covered subjects such as embracing change and learning how to let go.

I found the literature to be in a good standard. Care was evidently given to the content being inspirational and provided motivation for the reader. The work was easy to read and to understand.

I could reminisce with most of the book’s beliefs. The author believes that we wrestle with personal lessons such as love, generosity, and caring and if we find a new direction then it’ll work.

I appreciated the author wanting to provide a book for the not so organized person and instead focused on the messy, lost, playful kind of human who does not necessarily do the right thing all the time.

I recommend this book to people who wish to make a change in their life and appreciate quality over anything else.

Written by Jeyran Main

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