Berkley, A Nose Tale by David Hillman (Book Review #504)

Berkley, A Nose Tale is a funny story about a dog who is a little different. Berkley is always sticking his nose where it does not belong. He is a beagle and basset hound mix, possessing the biggest sniffer in the litter. His nose, however, comes to use when a cat is lost and he ends up saving the day.

This children’s story is educational as well as the illustrations were very well done. I felt as though the characters were popping out of the page. Everything looked colorful and intriguing.


I particularly enjoyed how a possibly bad thing was used for something good. Teaching kids that something different does not necessarily mean wicked.


The literature was suitable for children. Any parent searching for a children’s book that is both educational and fun would find this one suitable.


Written by Jeyran Main

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