Life is a test by Ryan Bey (Book Review #505)

Life is a test, reads like a self-help book written with the intent to provide an insightful look towards the living and existence.

It is apparent that the author was determined to adjust the perspective of people seeing themselves and question why they are here in their human form.


He mentions that those that do not question their existence are escapism and have a submissive nature. However, the intention has been to perceive matters differently and to ask the questions most don’t really bother. I believe he succeeds in making the reader feel more satisfied and to have them show legitimacy.


The literature did not have a particular flow to it. It felt broken at times and not as connected. I believe that was due to the spaces and single sentences that were embedded in the content. The content mostly revolved around religion and comparison between Christianity and Islam. I believe the author’s background influenced this notion.


What did exist was the author’s real sense of belief understanding and evaluation of religion, life, existence and source of nature.


I would recommend this book to people who wish to learn and read material that is out of the box.


Written by Jeyran Main


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2 Comments on “Life is a test by Ryan Bey (Book Review #505)

  1. Now THAT’s a review, and I wish we had more critics who spread out the theme (remember high school?), intent, and 40,000-foot evaluation of a book as this one did. A meaningful review will spotlight right away if the book would be something a reader might like, matching his/her tastes, rather than the reviewer’s. I suppose that’s why I keep coming back.

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