Christianity: A Successful Failure, Finding Faith in an Age of Fear and Falsehood by Tim Spiess (Book Review #506)

Christianity is a religious book explaining this faith and what he believes is wrong with it. The content is divided into six sections discussing all the false beliefs and everything we have been deceived on. The inadequate views, and how humankind has been blind so far is easily explained and notified.

I particularly enjoyed the section where the author discusses positive thinking and adverse outcomes. It truly made me connect with the substance of my core values. The book does discuss other religions and also fundamental problems which I felt was necessary in order to complete the book as an all-around satisfying read.


I took this from the author and thought it is the best way to describe who would benefit from this book.


I would recommend this book to those disenfranchised with mainstream or orthodox religious institutions; those who are not dogmatic non-theists or agnostics; those who are searching for a purpose in their life greater than living for money or material security or pleasing one’s self with entertainment, etc.; those who sense the wrongs of Christianity or their church experience, but don’t have clarity on what they are or why; those who are confused or afraid of the changing moral landscape of the western nations, particularly U.S. citizens; people who want to know God.


I found the literature easy to understand and organized to read. The length of the chapters was not too long or too short. The content kept me intrigued, and I enjoyed the logical fallacies mentioned in the religion.


The author has clearly spent his years studying this religion and is knowledgeable enough to have written such a book. I look forward to reading more from him.


Written by Jeyran Main


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