Fantastic Tales of Terror: History’s Darkest Secrets (Book Review #508)

Fantastic tales of terror is a collection of stories geared towards horror and fantasy. This assembly of science fictional tales, each to its own, was a perfect work for Halloween.

I found the literature to be very descriptive which was necessary for what the genre was. The stories were long enough to keep the reader intrigued in finishing the segment and then leaving the rest for another time. The author emphasis portrayed a more horror anthology intervention and I believe had something for all sorts of dark fiction fans.


I believe what made this book stand out was its turn of historical characters and how the author blended that into the story. I enjoyed the dynamic of this particular way of storytelling and thought that it worked pretty well.


As a book reviewer, I understand that no matter how long or short a story is, it should be enjoyable to read and the author succeeded in doing just that.


I recommend this book to horror book fans and dark fiction readers.

I would like to mention the group of authors that wrote this book below:

Christopher Golden (Author), Kevin J. Anderson (Author), Jonathan Maberry (Author), Mercedes M. Yardley  (Author), Neil Gaiman (Author), Elizabeth Massie (Author), Richard Chizmar (Author), Joe R. Lansdale (Author), Tim Waggoner (Author), Michael Bailey (Author), Bev Vincent (Author), Stephanie M. Wytovich (Author), Michael Paul Gonzalez  (Author), John Palisano (Author), Lisa Morton(Author), Jess Landry  (Author), Cullen Bunn (Author), Vince Liaguno (Author), Bentley Little (Author), David Wellington (Author), Jessica Marie Baumgartner (Author), Mort Castle (Author), Paul Moore (Author), Jeff Strand (Author), Eugene Johnson  (Editor), Tony Todd (Introduction)

Written by Jeyran Main

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