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A Boy in a Park: Tales of Wonder and Despair by Richard Parkin (Book Review #731)

A boy in a park is a collection of fantasy stories. The protagonist is always a boy who is in a park; however, the stories vary based on the outcome of various scenes created by the author.

Were We Awake: Stories by Lorna Brown (Book Review#725)

Were we awake is a collection of short stories written in a very genuine way. Each tale is theatrical and has a substantially fulfilling tale. Some take you back in history or are geographically intertwined, and some are more mysterious and dramatic with its… Continue Reading “Were We Awake: Stories by Lorna Brown (Book Review#725)”

Maps of bliss and rage by Mario Dhingsa (Book Review #683)

Maps of bliss and range by Mario Dhingsa   Maps of bliss and range is a collection of 8 stories written about all over the world. The stories are a mixture of various topics such as revenge, politics, religion, and even fairytale style notions.

The Cheerful Prince: and other stories by Romario Ashley (Book Review #663)

The cheerful prince is a collection of short stories where the author demonstrates his skills in writing compact, interesting, short work or artistic delights. Every story is roughly ten pages long and is enough for the light reader to just whisk through before they… Continue Reading “The Cheerful Prince: and other stories by Romario Ashley (Book Review #663)”

Fantastic Tales of Terror: History’s Darkest Secrets (Book Review #508)

Fantastic tales of terror is a collection of stories geared towards horror and fantasy. This assembly of science fictional tales, each to its own, was a perfect work for Halloween.

Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)

  Hyperspace is a collection of short stories, that contains a wide range of diverse genreā€™s, pleasing every kind of reader. While the author focused more on the science fiction and fantasy side, the content did reflect a nice portion of fiction and humor.… Continue Reading “Hyperspace Radio by James Beach (Book Review #468)”

Monsters Exist by Theresa Braun (Book Review #259)

This is a horror fiction book written as a collection of stories by several authors. What makes this book special is its diversity and selection of various style of writing and skills combined into one. Each author tells a story and each one is… Continue Reading “Monsters Exist by Theresa Braun (Book Review #259)”