Tag: short stories

The Sound of Patriarchy and Other Stories by L. F. Roth (Book Review #1410)

‘The Sound of Patriarchy and Other Stories’ is a collection of short stories. It contains a mixture of humorous and sombre storylines that make it suitable for all readers.

A Pterodactyl named Kahoutek by Matthew Levine (Book Review #1385)

A pterodactyl named Kahoutek is a short story with a sweet message. Pterodactyl and his adventure on the San Francisco bus brings an overwhelming amount of adventure but also a story that keeps you wondering.

Death at Dusbar College by  Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1286)

Death at Dusbar College is a fantasy magical story about Cristiano and how he has to solve the Grand Magician’s riddle at the magical Dusbar College. The story is filled with mystery, and the world-building is described well. The characters and their personalities mesh… Continue Reading “Death at Dusbar College by  Laura DiNovis Berry (Book Review #1286)”

The Short story collective: 13 Tales from Japan by Andrew Innes (Book Review #1254)

Thirteen tales from Japan is a collection of stories discussing the contemporary issues facing Japan. It introduces the reader to a wide range of inspirational and thought-provoking scenes keeping you intrigued.

TALES FROM THE RED SUN VILLAGE by Mark Swaine (Book Review #1169)

Tales from the red sun village is the first volume and includes three short stories that are completely different from one another. Each stand to their own merit, where you are invited into a short spam of well-crafted anthology of storytelling.

Outcasts: An Anthology Foreword by Dan Fogler (Book Review #1154)

Outcasts is an anthology of eighteen short stories that showcase the skills of many authors’ storytelling abilities. You notice the difference, change in conversation, and the diverse elements of character introductions within the premise as you read along. The book’s title stands out and… Continue Reading “Outcasts: An Anthology Foreword by Dan Fogler (Book Review #1154)”

Fancy Shop by Valeri Stanoevich (Book Review #1078)

Fancy Shop is a collection of short stories. It possesses elements of paranormal, urban, and fantasy features. Each story is thought-provoking, and the plots come with twists and turns. They are all unique yet come together in their creative perspective of changing things and… Continue Reading “Fancy Shop by Valeri Stanoevich (Book Review #1078)”

Attack of the iFones by Billy Johnson (Book Review #1081)

Attack of the iFones is a collection of 8 short stories. Each story possesses some humour and an exciting tale to tell. It is made sure to keep you intrigued, wanting you to read the next one.

Matters of Life and Death by Philip Stuckey (Book Review #1040)

Matters of life and death is a collection of stories filled with elements of horror, fantasy, personal experience and many matters of life and death. It has a little of everything for everyone. The stories are captivating and intriguing to read.