Tag: Science Fiction

Seven Rules of Time Travel Roy Huff (Book Review #843)

Seven rules of time travel is a science fiction story about Quinn Black. He has the power to travel through time and even change the future. With this power in his hands, his opportunities become endless. However, he does not calculate that there are… Continue Reading “Seven Rules of Time Travel Roy Huff (Book Review #843)”

Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy (Book Review #842)

Game of mass destruction is a dystopian sci-fi book written about Yuzuko. She is forced to take part in the game of mass destruction. It is a reality tv show hosting twenty contestant fighting robots. As Yuzuko participates in the 30th season, she has… Continue Reading “Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy (Book Review #842)”

The stark divide by J. Scott Coatsworth (Book Review #863)

The stark divide is a sci-fi series, an epic story of the first-generation ship heading for the stars. The story is about The Dressler, a living ship that is on its way to deliver a genetically engineered seed as an organism to the asteroid… Continue Reading “The stark divide by J. Scott Coatsworth (Book Review #863)”

Fierce Girls by Mike Adams (Book Review #825)

Fierce girls is a military science fiction about Kelly Cassidy. She is a retired police officer, the senior weapons trainer at the New York Police Academy for many years. After the death of her husband, she teaches her son and three daughters to become… Continue Reading “Fierce Girls by Mike Adams (Book Review #825)”

Soledad in the desert by Meredith Sue Willis (Book review #808)

Soledad in the desert is a colonized science fiction story told by a child Soledad. The tale is about a group of people who have reinvented a culture in an alien world, and it’s told through the eye of their children.

13 worlds by J. J. Hair (Book Review #801)

13 worlds is a science fiction story about an omnipotent super-being known as the “Guide,” Commander Culben, Dr. Reeves, and the crew of starship Ranus has set out on a mission to destroy thirteen different planets: analogous but unique versions of 1st and 2nd… Continue Reading “13 worlds by J. J. Hair (Book Review #801)”

The fall – Book 2- Reversion S.T. Campitelli (Book Review #754)

Reversion is a dystopian novel written in the year 2050, pre-fall. The story begins with Dr. Riley, who is a virologist. He happens to come across a patient that is dying from an infection unknown and unseen before. The virus known as the Jackson… Continue Reading “The fall – Book 2- Reversion S.T. Campitelli (Book Review #754)”

What Branches Grow by T. S. Beier (Book Review #749)

What branches grow is a science fiction post-apocalyptic novel written about a world that has become wasteland due to a third world war. Gennero, who is second in command of a town named Churchill, does not get along with Church, his boss.

Strength of a Thousand by Ryan Tang (Book Review #746)

Strength of a thousand is the book of the science and sorcery series. The science fiction novel begins with Alex. She has a dream, and that is to escape from the space colonies. In the search for the Paragons that were 50-foot tall machines,… Continue Reading “Strength of a Thousand by Ryan Tang (Book Review #746)”