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Zepharius: Volume 2 by Mel Snyder (Book Review #748)

The second book in the series is a xenophilic political thriller continuing what was left from book one. After Zepharius finding allies in the underground of the Gisaawekian, she finds herself endangered again with the added inner turmoil, paranoia and complications undermining her own… Continue Reading “Zepharius: Volume 2 by Mel Snyder (Book Review #748)”

The Last Erdane by Louise. E. Pascual (Book Review #677)

The last Erdane is a science fiction set of five stories. The novel begins with a girl named Sedna Erdane, who is the daughter of a traitor. She then comes back from exile and notices that a lot has changed. People are starving; she… Continue Reading “The Last Erdane by Louise. E. Pascual (Book Review #677)”

How to Sell the Stars by Richard J. Dowling (Book Review #673)

How to sell is a sci-fi story written about a world set in 2120 where everything you want is free. Leap is from the 1955’s though, and a time machine by Machiavellian AI takes him to this world where you really don’t have to… Continue Reading “How to Sell the Stars by Richard J. Dowling (Book Review #673)”

Time Travel + Brain Stealing = Murderous Appliances and Good Times by Richard Steele (Book Review #626)

Time Travel + Brain Stealing is a sci-fi horror story about Joe Brown. Joe is a teenager and was under the impression that he was living an ordinary life; however, due to an incident, his life changes. Time travel is at play, and he… Continue Reading “Time Travel + Brain Stealing = Murderous Appliances and Good Times by Richard Steele (Book Review #626)”

Footsteps of the Undead by Jamie Horwath (Book Review #617)

Footsteps of the undead is a short book written about Candice. She is an ex-hooker who happens to be making a video about how the zombies came about. At the same time, the military decides to bomb the infected cities down, and so Candice… Continue Reading “Footsteps of the Undead by Jamie Horwath (Book Review #617)”

Dart by Dale Renton (Book Review #616)

Dart is an action-adventure novel. It is the second novel written after ‘Half Moon.’ The story is about Dart, who continually faces people who wish to kill him. There is a war between the Formers and Sylth which he has to stop, and if… Continue Reading “Dart by Dale Renton (Book Review #616)”

Godless by A’alia Zealous (Book Review #612)

Godless is a dark fantasy/sci-fi story about a world where everything is created and dies through the same womb. Mallory has been responsible for making this happen but has had enough and no longer wants to do it. The journey begins when Khalida who… Continue Reading “Godless by A’alia Zealous (Book Review #612)”

Last Girl Standing by Marjory Kaptanoglu (Book Review #589)

Last girl standing is a science fiction novel written about a town named Los Patos, that gets contaminated from its water supply and turns everyone into automatons. Only Sierra and a few friends end up safe due to not drinking of the water. Soon… Continue Reading “Last Girl Standing by Marjory Kaptanoglu (Book Review #589)”

Traveller-Inceptio by Rob Shackleford (Book Review #587)

Traveller-Inceptio is a sci-fi novel written about a group called the Travelers who happen to transport themselves to the 11th century trying to investigate medieval Saxon England, not realizing that they need more than just combat skills and technology in order to achieve their… Continue Reading “Traveller-Inceptio by Rob Shackleford (Book Review #587)”