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A Three Hour Tour by ROSE ELAINE

I should begin by saying this is my version of a “three-hour tour,” Not quite Gilligans Island; there wasn’t Gilligan, the Skipper, a millionaire, his wife, a movie star, a Professor, or Mary Ann! Just a kindly bus driver and a stubborn child.

Why write a character like Naiche? by Felicia Watson

If I had to pick the one question that I’ve been asked the most often about my Lovelace series, it’s that one. With the third book in the series dropping this month, I’m finally going to try and answer it. Why did I choose… Continue Reading “Why write a character like Naiche? by Felicia Watson”

The Incredible Joy of Writing: 7 Minutes to Freedom by Natalya Androsova

To everyone who has ever questioned their love of writing… May you lose the doubt and let your soul fly! The above is the dedication from 7 Minutes to Freedom. This is the main message of the book and of my coaching practice.

Writing the Underbelly of New Orleans By James Snyder

I lived in New Orleans for over a decade. Long enough to know that a lot of what I’ve read and most of what I’ve seen in movie theaters about that place had little or nothing to do with its actuality. The heart and… Continue Reading “Writing the Underbelly of New Orleans By James Snyder”

Howie, His Parcel Winch, and the Smothering of the Human Soul by Gavin Wicklow

There is a gem of an Italian film from the early 1970s that’s titled Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion and stars the late, great Gian Maria Volonté. While watching it, it isn’t terribly difficult, even for someone like yours truly, who was not alive at… Continue Reading “Howie, His Parcel Winch, and the Smothering of the Human Soul by Gavin Wicklow”

Productivity for Creatives A. N. Sage

We live in an era where creativity is glamorized and out on a pedestal. Scrolling through social media, I find myself constantly bombarded with ads and false messaging all encouraging people to take on a creative career to free themselves of the shackles of… Continue Reading “Productivity for Creatives A. N. Sage”

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Just Holden On by Ashley Parr

Just Holden On by Ashley Parr I always thought I would spend my days travelling the world and writing about all the amazing places I visited and the new people I met. However, I have learned after 33 years to stop trying to plan… Continue Reading “Just Holden On by Ashley Parr”

Mary MacDougall & Me By Richard Audry

Mary MacDougall & Me By Richard Audry I first tried my hand at writing novels back in the late ’80s, with an epic fantasy of 120k words that never sold. Next, I tackled a mystery. And not just any mystery, but a historical mystery.… Continue Reading “Mary MacDougall & Me By Richard Audry”

Author Interview with Christian Hageseth III

Author Name: Christian Hageseth III Book Name: Let’s Pretend: A Tale of Mind, Imagination, and Healing Book genre: A blend of Fantasy, Romance, Psychology, and Humor. What was your process of writing the book?  It was fun, all-consuming, and meaningful. Written between five and… Continue Reading “Author Interview with Christian Hageseth III”