The Incredible Joy of Writing: 7 Minutes to Freedom by Natalya Androsova


To everyone who has ever questioned their love of writing…

May you lose the doubt and let your soul fly!

The above is the dedication from 7 Minutes to Freedom. This is the main message of the book and of my coaching practice.

It hurts me when, after years of trying, I see writers give up on their dreams because they choose to believe their inner critic. It’s the same critical voice that comes to steal joy and inspiration from every writer or creator. As a writer and a writing coach, I love helping others rediscover their joy of writing even when their inner critic is trying to sabotage the beauty of their creative process.

I wrote this book as an invitation for readers to dive deep into themselves and discover what no one else can discover for them. I hope this book helps them get to know themselves, their writing, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions better. My wish is for them to accept their own unique way of writing and let go of the fears that separate them from free creative expression. This book is an invitation for every writer to become more courageous, authentic, and kind to themselves.

Writing so often becomes a place for self-judgment and perfectionism, but it doesn’t have to be.

Writing is a Form of Flying.

Each of us knows the difference between flying and feeling stuck. I wrote this book to invite you to fly. Writing is a form of flying. It’s a deep meditation on the meaning of your lived experience—a way of exploring your external and internal worlds. Where are you stuck? What can you learn there so that you can break free and fly again?

Writing is a form of meditation. It is also a form of prayer. You can write to ask, and you can write to hear the answers. You might not know the answers yet, but you have the power to ask powerful questions. And if you ask, life always answers.

Writing is not separate from life. The same beliefs that inhibit our writing inhibit our living. Writing is a great tool for seeing through these unhelpful beliefs. Gaining clarity on our beliefs makes our writing clearer, and in turn, writing adds clarity to our lives. While we’re working on our writing, writing is working its magic on us. It’s a win-win.

“We should write because humans are spiritual beings and writing is a powerful form o­­f prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance as well. We should write because writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living.”

 ­­­– Julia Cameron

Stages of Freedom: Discovering the Joy of Writing

For as long as I remember, I loved writing with others. When I was four years old, I had my first writing group. My friends and I would gather in a small wooden gazebo in the courtyard and would write down song lyrics or respond to some journal prompts in writing. We would decorate the pages in our simple notebooks as we were immersed in our playful creation. So very early on, I got to experience the magic of sharing the creative process with others.

Since I was thirteen, writing has been my friend and teacher, my tool for self-exploration and self-honesty. I’ve used it to support myself, to make sense of my world, and to shed light on my habits, thoughts, and feelings. I wanted to shout from the mountaintops that writing can be enjoyable, hoping that others might discover the same beauty and the joy of the writing practice I’ve found.

When I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, I felt a taste of freedom I’d never experienced before. It was like getting permission to love the creative process for its beauty and magic, and not stress about the final product. Funny enough, this creative freedom always makes the final product better and also spreads like wildfire from writing to other parts of life.

I fell in love with writing as a form of revelation, self-honesty, and self-disclosure. Whatever is hiding beneath the surface can be seen through writing. I have written almost daily for thirty years and found that the more I understand myself, the more authentic my voice is. Writing has been my prayer. It has been my teacher, and I forever remain its apprentice. I hope you, too, never stop exploring your heart.

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Author Bio:

Natalya Androsova is an award-winning writing and dissertation coach with over two decades of experience teaching writing. Her passion is helping writers become more courageous, authentic, and kind to themselves. Through individual coaching, writing groups, and writing retreats, she has helped hundreds of writers to break through blocks and find inspiration, a more authentic voice, and a greater freedom in their writing and their life.

Natalya lives in Toronto, Canada, and when she is not writing or meditating, she loves to play tennis, practice yoga, or sit by the water and cloud watch for hours.

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