Just Holden On by Ashley Parr

Just Holden On by Ashley Parr

Book, school, paper.

I always thought I would spend my days travelling the world and writing about all the amazing places I visited and the new people I met. However, I have learned after 33 years to stop trying to plan your life. It will never go as expected! I am a full-time working mom of four kids under the age of five. I live only 45 minutes from where I grew up and am married to a guy that I met when I was still in diapers. Riveting, I know. Although I cannot write about travelling the world there is one thing that I do know a lot about, kids. I wanted to put together something that parents could relate to and laugh at while reflecting on their own lives and kids.

Just Holden On is a book that shares advice and stories about pregnancy, bringing home a new baby, your body after having kids and the joys of raising a toddler. It delves into the embarrassing and unpredictable things that happen once you have kids. No parent knows exactly what they are doing some just pretend better than others. Parents are really just big kids who wish there was a bigger kid to tell them how to parent their kids. My hope is to make people laugh and let them know that it is ok to add a little comedy to the chaos.


The book was self-published on Amazon on February 22, 2020.




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