Tag: Suspense

Zepharius: Volume 2 by Mel Snyder (Book Review #748)

The second book in the series is a xenophilic political thriller continuing what was left from book one. After Zepharius finding allies in the underground of the Gisaawekian, she finds herself endangered again with the added inner turmoil, paranoia, and complications undermining her own… Continue Reading “Zepharius: Volume 2 by Mel Snyder (Book Review #748)”

The Latecomer by Rich Marcello (Book Review #710)

The latecomer is a novel written about an old couple who are forced into early retirement. Their children live far away, and as they enter a new phase in their life and relationship, Maggie and Charlie, seek more of a depth and understanding into… Continue Reading “The Latecomer by Rich Marcello (Book Review #710)”

Zepharius by Mel Snyder (Book Review #706)

The world Gisaawek is alien, and the people are part of a growing military project. Zepharius, who is a soldier, has the responsibility of increasing the strength of her planet and has a very obedient character. Once she realizes that mysterious disappearances are happening,… Continue Reading “Zepharius by Mel Snyder (Book Review #706)”

Hamartia by Ben Hoene (Book Review #687)

Hamartia is a dark fictional story about Natasha. Thirty years ago, something really awful happened to Natasha, imprinting deep and unforgettable scars on her soul, body and mind. She is mentally ill, on drugs and in her forties when she finally confesses to what… Continue Reading “Hamartia by Ben Hoene (Book Review #687)”

The House of Maple Street by Heidi Slowinski (Book Review #678)

The house of maple street is a story about Hillary Altman. She is a grad student who finds accommodation at a residence on Maple street. The house is not just any ordinary house, and that’s when the story reveals its properties.

Immortal Defiance by Laura Maybrooke (Book Review #670)

Immortal defiance is a fantasy story about a silver Elvin enchantress named Dulcia Lightbringer, who is betrayed by her own people and then captured. Her saviour, Krath Lord of Gwyndoorn, who is an immortal, becomes her next problem as she begins to clash with… Continue Reading “Immortal Defiance by Laura Maybrooke (Book Review #670)”

Money, Blood and Conscience by David Steinman (Book Review #668)

Money, blood, and conscience is a tale written with a combination of fiction and investigative journalism. It includes a political call to action for the reader and has a strategic role in Ethiopia’s recent democracy revolution.

Bloodline Origins – Book 1 by Iuliana Foos (Book Review #650)

Bloodline Origins is a Vampire story about Anna and her journey falling in love, discovering more about her surrounding culture and her bloodline. She yearns to become a vampire and with that said, she is also aware by becoming one, she is going to… Continue Reading “Bloodline Origins – Book 1 by Iuliana Foos (Book Review #650)”

Screamcatcher: Web World by Christy J. Breedlove (Book Review #603)

Screamcatcher is a young adult fantasy novel written about a 17-year-old girl named Jory Pike. She has horrific nightmares due to her parent’s death. Her Grandfather tries to help her to sleep, but, nothing seems to work. Jory decides to use a dream catcher… Continue Reading “Screamcatcher: Web World by Christy J. Breedlove (Book Review #603)”