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Giant Banana Over Texas: Darkly Humorous Tales by Mark Nutter (Book Review #1459)

“Giant Banana Over Texas” is a humorous fiction containing a collection of fictional tales. The added funny notions were a plus and made you want to read the next story.

I Remember Clifford and Other Stories stories by Mark Craemer (Book Review #1420)

‘I remember Clifford’ is a literary short fiction and takes place in several locations, including Boston, Chicago, Prague, and Southern California. The author is inspired to write the collection through his own personal grief, experiences, emotions and how he has processed it all.

The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes (Book Review #1408)

‘The Night Fisher Elegies’ is a short storybook filled with reflections and verses that contain elements of personal and enjoyable tales. The book talks about faith, death, family and dreams but also explores the concept of self-reflect through short verses that keep you wanting… Continue Reading “The Night Fisher Elegies by Dean Mayes (Book Review #1408)”

How to be lonely by Dave Mainelli (Book Review #1233)

How to be lonely is a collection of stories written with the intention of examining loneliness and longing for a connection, flaws, struggles, and faults to the heart of a being. They are thought-provoking and short but contain well-balanced characters and enjoyable after effects.

The Fabric Over The Moon by Ferran Plana (Book Review #1218)

The fabric over the moon is a collection of stories that provide a sense of pleasure and engage the mind. Each story is short, but the characters are developed with care, and it is easy to imagine the described scenes. There is a particular… Continue Reading “The Fabric Over The Moon by Ferran Plana (Book Review #1218)”

Why are you here by Radhika Iyer (Book Review #1147)

This review has been featured in REVIEW TALES MAGAZINE. Why Are You Here? – is a collection of twelve short stories written with female narratives. The author’s selection of storytelling demonstrates the struggles women face in different cultures and difficult circumstances. The book does… Continue Reading “Why are you here by Radhika Iyer (Book Review #1147)”

These Days – Short Stories, Scenes and Sketches by Nick Fuller (Book Review #1126)

These days is a collection of short stories. The 8 pieces of the anthology are not related and are based on life in the 2020s. From climate change to conspiracy theories, the book covers a variety of subject matters.

A Gang of Outsiders by Bobby Williams (Book Review #1053)

A gang of outsiders is a collection of stories about different kind of individuals all facing various forms of failures and behavioural reactions that sometimes makes you laugh. The dynamic of the stories possess elements of money, art, love, sex, drugs, and even religion.… Continue Reading “A Gang of Outsiders by Bobby Williams (Book Review #1053)”

Matters of Life and Death by Philip Stuckey (Book Review #1040)

Matters of life and death is a collection of stories filled with elements of horror, fantasy, personal experience and many matters of life and death. It has a little of everything for everyone. The stories are captivating and intriguing to read.