I Remember Clifford and Other Stories stories by Mark Craemer (Book Review #1420)


‘I remember Clifford’ is a literary short fiction and takes place in several locations, including Boston, Chicago, Prague, and Southern California. The author is inspired to write the collection through his own personal grief, experiences, emotions and how he has processed it all.

From the beginning, you are attached and intrigued by the book cover. Then by reading the stories and continuing on, you notice how everything is well put together. Each story has a message and something to say. It also is written well and so creates a dynamic of tales that you really enjoy reading.

As an avid reader, I found the stories to be descriptive despite the short premise. I found them all to have a beautiful flow and space, which added to the enjoyment of the tales.

I recommend this book to collection story readers and those who like compilations that embrace humanity and civility.

Written by Jeyran Main

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