Meet my hero in turmoil by Véronique Iswery


My dear reader, I am Véronique Iswery Pasquet. Since childhood, I’ve been a big fan of books on horror, crime, romance, fantasy, and paranormality.

Agatha Christie, Margaret Mitchell, Oscar Wilde, Dean Koontz, Guy de Maupassant, and Graham Masterton are my favorite writers. I got the ambition to become a writer, thanks to them.

When the idea of writing a book emerged, I asked myself: “There are so many novels coming out every day; how can you make your book unique, and how can you enchant the reader’s heart with your work?”

The answer came naturally. I can catch my readers’ attention by creating a protagonist that will tickle and overwhelm their minds.

Usually, in a book, there are three main protagonists – the hero, the heroine, and the villain. In my book “The four lives of Robinson Appleson,” the hero is the villain. That’s something unusual and exceptional.

Born as a prince, my hero is gifted with beauty and intelligence. But he is also a cold-blooded cannibal. He kills as he breathes. Thanks to an unexpected friendship, his life turns upside down. He wants to redeem himself. Is it possible? “If you hunt nature, it comes back at a gallop.” 

Can he really escape from his past? 

You will find out the answer in the book!

No one is perfect – although everyone came as innocent babies into this world. A human being makes mistakes. That’s life. But forgiveness is something that we should exercise in our everyday life. When we make mistakes, we want to be forgiven. So why don’t we forgive others’ mistakes?

How can my bloodthirsty hero become a good person? Because of love. Love is a powerful antidote against unkindness. It can forgive sins and give hope for a better life. 

With the love he gets from his friend and lover, my hero will lead a ferocious battle against himself to get rid of the evil inside him and be worthy of their trust. 

The challenge I took for myself by writing this story is to make the reader meditate on how far one can go to forgive someone.

Should you be a reader who loves dark humor, twisted, elusive love stories, and adventure, you would be delighted by this book. 

Written by Véronique Iswery Pasquet

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