Acne just another four letter word by Aarti Patel (Book Review #509)

Acne is a health and dieting book aiming to address the issue of this skin disease by not just discussing it in its entirety but also how it affects the patient, psychologically. The book offers strategies and techniques to take care of the issue however above all, embraces the person to accept what is and agree to have acne as part of an occurring event. This is to accept the issue rather than fight it, in order to create harmony with the mind.

While I could not entirely agree with the method, I could still see how someone could accept it as part of something happening to them, treating it as an extension to their body, rather than an illness.


The literature was easy to read and to understand. The chapters were organized well and the length was sufficiently providing the information needed, keeping the reader intrigued.


Regardless of what your belief is in this matter, or how you have dealt with acne in the past, I believe it is always good to read on matters that could possibly provide an alternative to the methods that are out there today.


I recommend this to people that like to read on acne, health issues, medicine, psychology, and treatments.


Written by Jeyran Main

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