The Time Miracle by Jean Paul (Book Review #491)

The time miracle is a self-help book designed to assist you in creating a quality life while you are living in this century. The book also emphasizes generating health, money, and fun in a resourceful way.

The book is divided into four useful sections. Each section examines the value of the time we hold, how we use and optimize it. Our sleep time matters as well. The book also discusses the meaning of happiness and investigates the factors that contribute to it.


The book aims to perceive longevity and fulfilling life. I believe the work is written with an outstanding level of literature, knowledge, and care.


I liked how organized everything was placed, and the writing had a nice flow to it.


I particularly enjoyed the part where the author discusses how long we spend our time in the bathroom. Did you know we spend an average of 1.8 years in the bathroom? We never sit and think to this extent, of how we spend our life, and it is undoubtedly these little things that we miss which makes such a big difference.


I recommend this book to people who seek a better life in general.



Written by Jeyran Main

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