Tranquillity by Jon D. Zimmer (Book Review #491)


Tranquillity is the second book in the death chronicles. Based on the first book Michael was a scientist, returning to earth. Angelica was an attractive hallucinatory, and Dominic was seeking domination of the earth. In the second book, Michael is adapted to Earth and is the head of security giving him power. The story has many more conflicts finding eight lost souls who left Tranquillity twelve thousand years ago in search of eternity.


I found myself dealing with the same problems I did with the first book. Many editing issues needed resolving. Above all, the text required adaptation of its original background from the first book. However, since the initial book also needed the same accompanying writing, I believe the author would have benefited from the additional backstory and connectivity throughout the content.


The storyline was enjoyable, and I appreciated the characters diverse personalities. The interactions were pleasant, and altogether I think the author has potential.


I believe that readers who enjoyed the first book would like the next one.


I recommend this book to people who liked book one.


Written by Jeyran Main

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