Missing Him: A real love story by L. Penn (Book Review 493)


Missing Him is a women’s fiction novel. It is a love story about a woman who seeks therapy in order to win her freedom. Happiness does not come easy for Emery and what entails in this story. The narration is told in the first person, and the literature contained a beautiful Romanic flow of storytelling.

I found the protagonist to be stronger than what she was thrown at. In enjoyed the relationship she had with the supporting characters and the dynamic between them all displayed the skills of a good writer.


I treasured the romance aspect of the book. I strongly believe that if a story is to be passionately inclined, then it should be pure and not Hollywood-ish. I believe the author achieved that in this work.


The story does discuss sensitive topics and contains mature content. Some tales are worth buying and reading. In this case, missing him, was a good choice.


I recommend this book to romance lovers and women fiction readers.


Written by Jeyran Main



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