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All That Compels the Heart by Erin Bowlen (Book Review #586)

All that compels the heart is an adult romance about Aoife O’Reilly. This fictional story begins with Aoife having everything she has ever wanted. She has a great job, a decent boyfriend, best friends, and an admirable social life. As not all good things… Continue Reading “All That Compels the Heart by Erin Bowlen (Book Review #586)”

Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone (Book Review #523)

Bella Toscana is a contemporary novel written about a woman who decides to take a trip to the beautiful land of Italy. As a married woman, she meets professor Flynn and that is when she begins to question everything about her self and her… Continue Reading “Bella Toscana by Nanette Littlestone (Book Review #523)”

A Recipe for Love: A Lesbian Culinary Romance by Lucy J. Madison (Book Review #498)

A recipe for love is a fictional story about Danika. Her life has never been about herself, and as she retires from her long-term job, she realizes that for once she has a chance to do something with her life.

Missing Him: A real love story by L. Penn (Book Review 493)

  Missing Him is a women’s fiction novel. It is a love story about a woman who seeks therapy in order to win her freedom. Happiness does not come easy for Emery and what entails in this story. The narration is told in the… Continue Reading “Missing Him: A real love story by L. Penn (Book Review 493)”

The Souls Expression by Amy Alston (Book Review #436)

The Souls Expression is a Victorian Romance novel written about Katherine. She is a married woman who fears being stigmatized with hysteria by her doctor because she is not able to bed her husband after eight months. This is at a time when her… Continue Reading “The Souls Expression by Amy Alston (Book Review #436)”

Burying Leo by Helga Gruendler-Schierloh (Book Review #415)

Burying Leo is a romance novel about Ingrid. She loves to sing and auditioning is her thing. After her dreams of becoming a singer are shattered, she moves to Detroit and gets married. Things aren’t much better after that either and her dream to… Continue Reading “Burying Leo by Helga Gruendler-Schierloh (Book Review #415)”

The House of the Soul: A Novel by Annie Dawson (Book Review #39)

  Ella Casey is a loving mother, wife, and ambitious women. Once she meets her old friend Teri, she begins to doubt whether the path she took becoming domestic was what she was destined to do. This story is written for every woman that… Continue Reading “The House of the Soul: A Novel by Annie Dawson (Book Review #39)”