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Perceptions by Sam Mansourou (Book Review #566)

Perceptions is a non-fiction book criticizing religion not by its name but by its concept, its social effects and influences and more. The book has over 300 citations and criticizes the vacancy of religious notions and scripture and takes on theologians as well. The… Continue Reading “Perceptions by Sam Mansourou (Book Review #566)”

The little book of Stoicism by Jonas Salzgeber (Book Review #562)

The little book of Stoicism is a book geared towards bettering your life using Stoic Philosophy. The book begins by providing a brief explanation of the history of Stoicism. The philosophy of what it means and how effective the practices, meditations are for our… Continue Reading “The little book of Stoicism by Jonas Salzgeber (Book Review #562)”

Why Tell the Truth by Tylor Lovins (Book Review #522)

Why tell the truth is a short self-help book discussing Jordan B. Peterson’s methods of work, basic thoughts and ways of intellectual interactions. Some of his ideas such as the pragmatic notion of truth, thoughts on religion, the justification behind suffering, cultural law, Marxism,… Continue Reading “Why Tell the Truth by Tylor Lovins (Book Review #522)”

From Bounced Checks to Private Jets: The Mastery of Miracles by Hazel Ortega (Book Review #512)

From bounced checks to private jets is a story about Hazel once living a life where she could barely make ends meet, to where she becomes an owner of a few businesses earning billions.

A New Perspective on Human Rights

DE- ESCALATE by Douglas E. Noll (Book Review #381)

DE-ESCALATE is a non-fiction, self-help book about How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less. The book is particularly aimed at women and parenting. The author demonstrates methods in calming yourself and the angry one, as he has worked on this… Continue Reading “DE- ESCALATE by Douglas E. Noll (Book Review #381)”

The Time Miracle by Jean Paul (Book Review #491)

The time miracle is a self-help book designed to assist you in creating a quality life while you are living in this century. The book also emphasizes generating health, money, and fun in a resourceful way.

Dear You By Derra Nicole Sabo

    Dear You By Derra Nicole Sabo Genre: Nonfiction   Brief Description: Dear You is a collection of letters written to the people and events that have made the most impactful influences in my life. This book started out as a personal series… Continue Reading “Dear You By Derra Nicole Sabo”

 Marital Advice to My Grandson by Joel Peter Davidson (Book Review #412)

Martial Advice is a humorous book on marriage and relationships. The book provides advice and insights into life living with your partner in a comedic way. It’s not a psychiatrist evaluation on how to better your relationship or a textbook on providing a list… Continue Reading ” Marital Advice to My Grandson by Joel Peter Davidson (Book Review #412)”