Why Tell the Truth by Tylor Lovins (Book Review #522)

Why tell the truth is a short self-help book discussing Jordan B. Peterson’s methods of work, basic thoughts and ways of intellectual interactions. Some of his ideas such as the pragmatic notion of truth, thoughts on religion, the justification behind suffering, cultural law, Marxism, are introduced in this book.

The author’s undeniable attempt in producing this collective work of thoughts, ideas and opinions did not go unnoticed. The literature was easy to understand and well put together. While the book was short and sweet, it was a something to savor and share.


The matter of social interactions and human suffering was particularly intriguing to read. Social sciences have always fascinated me, and Peterson’s controversial philosophy was noticeably admirable.


I recommend this book to people who wish to self help themselves into better understanding psychological and social matters.


Written by Jeyran Main


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