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Changing the subject by Kate Abley (Book Review #684)

Changing the subject is a contemporary comic novel written about Sue. She undertakes some clinical trial drugs to prevent the deterioration of her mind due to having Alzheimer’s. While the problem is not fixed, she begins to look and think like she is 18,… Continue Reading “Changing the subject by Kate Abley (Book Review #684)”

A New Perspective on Human Rights

Imam Hussain (PBUH): The Martyr of the Pioneer Culture of Mankind (Book Review #413)

As a community, we have a history. We didn’t just start with our own generation. We can look back and see how others lived the human project. We can take examples and warnings from them. The book describes the philosophy of Imam Hussain’s movement… Continue Reading “Imam Hussain (PBUH): The Martyr of the Pioneer Culture of Mankind (Book Review #413)”

Universal Human Rights by Allameh M. T. Ja’fari (Book Review #125)

During the past couple of years, many religions have been attacked and portrayed as an extreme faith due to the behavior of certain groups and extremists. One, in particular, is the Islamic faith. The outcomes of these actions have made some to believe that… Continue Reading “Universal Human Rights by Allameh M. T. Ja’fari (Book Review #125)”

Universal Human Rights – A Comparative Research

  We are delighted to announce the publication of Allameh M. T. Ja’fari’s book titled “Universal Human Rights – A Comparative Research.” As you may already know, Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari is a well-known scholar. He has written 41 books in addition to his 15-volume… Continue Reading “Universal Human Rights – A Comparative Research”