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Changing the subject by Kate Abley (Book Review #684)

Changing the subject is a contemporary comic novel written about Sue. She undertakes some clinical trial drugs to prevent the deterioration of her mind due to having Alzheimer’s. While the problem is not fixed, she begins to look and think like she is 18,… Continue Reading “Changing the subject by Kate Abley (Book Review #684)”

Vasa and Ypres by J. B. Chisholm (Book Review #366)

Vasa and Ypres is a humorous fiction book about Vanessa and Ella. They bump into each other, and when Ella lets Vanessa know about her conundrum, Vanessa agrees to assist Ypres. Vanessa and Ypres then navigate through London in a very humorous way. What… Continue Reading “Vasa and Ypres by J. B. Chisholm (Book Review #366)”