Changing the subject by Kate Abley (Book Review #684)

Changing the subject is a contemporary comic novel written about Sue. She undertakes some clinical trial drugs to prevent the deterioration of her mind due to having Alzheimer’s. While the problem is not fixed, she begins to look and think like she is 18, even though she should be 58.

Her DNA and existence become a commodity, as the government wants to find out how this has happened and use it for their own advantage. The story is filled with politics, rebellions and discusses human rights, genetics and racism.


The content is filled with a steady flow of storytelling but filled with many ups and downs that discuss Alzheimer’s differently. I particularly enjoyed Sue’s character. Her reaction towards what was happening and her behavior, in general, was strong and vulnerable at the same time.


There was a sense of free will and the certainty in what she wanted, yet at times it felt that she was limited to the situation she was in. This fact created a fascinating story and added texture to the book. Sue’s Alzheimer’s also caused her to have delusions, and therefore, she also became a threat to herself.


Altogether, I felt the story was well written and pleasing to read.


I would recommend this book to people who like to read fiction and enjoy reading material on Alzheimer’s.


Written by Jeyran Main

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