Universal Human Rights – A Comparative Research


We are delighted to announce the publication of Allameh M. T. Ja’fari’s book titled “Universal Human Rights – A Comparative Research.”

As you may already know, Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari is a well-known scholar. He has written 41 books in addition to his 15-volume interpretation of Rumi’s, Mathnavi, and a 27-volume translation and interpretation of the Nahj-ul-balaqah.


Mr. Ja’fari’s progress in his field was so spectacular that he was conferred with the greatest degree of jurisprudence by the age of 23. Mr. Ja’fari’s other major works contain his most important thoughts and ideas in the fields of anthropology, sociology, moral ethics, philosophy, and mysticism. This book is another one of Mr. Ja’fari’s masterpieces providing us an insightful comparative view on universal human rights with references to Islam and the west.


Mr. Ja’fari’s book titled “Universal Human Rights – A Comparative Research” is now available for purchase with global distribution access to 39,000 retailers and libraries and is available on all formats: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBooks Store, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, Waterstones and more.

You may purchase or read more about this book by clicking on the image.

Alternatively, you can visit all of Mr. Jafari’s books by clicking on his website


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