A New Perspective on Human Rights



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During the past couple of years, many religions have been attacked and portrayed as an extreme faith due to the behavior of certain groups and extremists. One, in particular, is the Islamic faith. The outcomes of these actions have made some to believe that Islam is radical and harsh.

Allameh Ja’fari, the well-known scholar of the Islamic world, has written a book titled “Universal Human Rights” in which he provides visible proof that Islam has no relation to these groups of extremists. “Universal Human Rights,” is believed to create a fresh new view on this sensitive matter.

This book represents the truth on what is, actually “fact” and what is “fake.” In this book, you will find references to declarations to the UN, Vancouver-Canada, the British and French Human rights and much more. Thus, proving that Islam is the religion of peace and equality. In general, the view of Islam is represented clearly within the content of its pages.

About the Author: Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari is a well-known scholar. He has written 41 books in addition to his 15-volume interpretation of Rumi’s, Mathnavi, and a 27-volume translation and interpretation of the Nahj-ul-balaqah.

Mr. Ja’faris progress in his field was so spectacular that he was conferred with the greatest degree of jurisprudence by the age of 23. Mr. Ja’faris other major works contain his most important thoughts and ideas in the fields of anthropology, sociology, moral ethics, philosophy, and mysticism. This book is another one of Mr. Ja’faris masterpieces providing us an insightful comparative view on universal human rights with references to Islam and the west.

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Amazon                       Barnes & Noble         Chapters/ Indigo

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