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Zehiya by Mayra Sonam Paldon (Book Review #429)

Zehiya is a fictional story placed in Central Asia on the Silk Road along the Taklamakan Desert in the 10th Century. This historical fiction focuses on Zehiya and how much she wishes to have an eagle of her own. She is from a tribe… Continue Reading “Zehiya by Mayra Sonam Paldon (Book Review #429)”

Gables Court by Alan S. Kessler (Book Review #428)

Gables Court is about Samuel Baas who is a hopeless romantic. He wants to remain a virgin until he falls in love and marries his soulmate. The story takes on 10 years of his life describing his journey towards intimacy. It is only when… Continue Reading “Gables Court by Alan S. Kessler (Book Review #428)”

For the Love of Mandy by Judith Kohnen (Book Two)

Judith Kohnen Releases For the Love of Mandy – Book Two in The Mandy Story Romance Series The highly anticipated sequel to One Chance, One Moment (the first installment in The Mandy Story romance series) has been released. Award-winning author Judith Kohnen is thrilled… Continue Reading “For the Love of Mandy by Judith Kohnen (Book Two)”

 Marital Advice to My Grandson by Joel Peter Davidson (Book Review #412)

Martial Advice is a humorous book on marriage and relationships. The book provides advice and insights into life living with your partner in a comedic way. It’s not a psychiatrist evaluation on how to better your relationship or a textbook on providing a list… Continue Reading ” Marital Advice to My Grandson by Joel Peter Davidson (Book Review #412)”

The Writers Award

What exciting news! I have been selected by the writer’s awards!! Can things get any better than this? A professional team of writers have gone through over THOUSANDS of book blogs and have selected me as #7! They were looking for the highest quality and… Continue Reading “The Writers Award”

Best Book Blogs of 2017

I am so happy to tell you that Reedsy.com has featured my blog on their list of “The best book review blogs of 2017.” This is a huge honor and I wanted to share it with my book lovers and loyal fans. Without your support, this… Continue Reading “Best Book Blogs of 2017”