Gables Court by Alan S. Kessler (Book Review #428)

Gables Court is about Samuel Baas who is a hopeless romantic. He wants to remain a virgin until he falls in love and marries his soulmate. The story takes on 10 years of his life describing his journey towards intimacy. It is only when Samuel meets Kate that things change. Moving from New England opens him to wonders and questions his process of thoughts. “Is love for someone else?

The story ignites the notion that loneliness isn’t gendered specific nor is it an alienation. I enjoyed the fact that the work was not erotica or revolved around graphic sexual content. It was more about the resilience of the human spirit and a quest to find love.

Gables is only 24, yet he had a much higher understanding of what love and life should be. He had a strong head on his shoulder. The literature was interesting and exercised the notion of mystery, joy, confusion, within its own merit.

While the story had great character development, it may have been better if the author had included a surprise or a punching line occurrence into the story, grabbing the reader’s interest with an “I did not see that coming” aspect. Instead, it was a good old novel with the added soul searching.

I believe the book is suitable for a more receptive audience and anyone that enjoys reading a coming of age literary fiction.

Written by Jeyran Main

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