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These Numbered Days by Anna E. Collins (Book Review #1293)

These numbered days is a contemporary fictional story about Annie Wolff and how she addresses her mental illness by shying away from everyone and giving away her rights to motherhood. She thinks all is well by leaving her kids to her other half, Joel,… Continue Reading “These Numbered Days by Anna E. Collins (Book Review #1293)”

Have You Heard the Sound of Your Own Voice? By Krithika Chandrasekar (Book Review #1275)

Have You Heard the Sound of Your Own Voice is a memoir telling you the struggles and triumphs of a young woman dealing with depression, suicide, and embracing all that in order to battle the voice in her head.

The Trouble With Belonging by Magdalena Stanhoff (Book Review #1167)

The trouble with belonging is a coming of age romance fiction story about Chen Kehuan, a Taiwanese boy who has lost his mother to cancer and lives with his diplomat father, Chen Liang. He struggles to live in Berlin, and just when he tries… Continue Reading “The Trouble With Belonging by Magdalena Stanhoff (Book Review #1167)”

Clementine Lane by Eoghan Brunkard (Book Review #1077)

Clementine lane is a humorous urban life story written in a contemporary style of fiction. The story is based on three interwoven narrative plotlines set in Clementine Lane, where everyone is in everyone’s business. Things change when a drug rehabilitation centre is open and… Continue Reading “Clementine Lane by Eoghan Brunkard (Book Review #1077)”

Breaking Free by Julia Tannenbaum (Book Review #1006)

Breaking free is a young adult fiction. It is the second book of its series and continues with Grace, a sixteen-year-old struggling with the world around her. Social expectations and family drama are taking a toll on her. She is overwhelmed and has to… Continue Reading “Breaking Free by Julia Tannenbaum (Book Review #1006)”

14 Steps to Happiness: A Program for Overcoming Depression by Kristian Hall (Book Review #753)

14 steps to happiness is a self-help book geared for people with depression. It is mostly science-based and provides a comprehensive program to overcome this feeling of hopelessness. The author uses his own experience and his success in battling the illness after a very… Continue Reading “14 Steps to Happiness: A Program for Overcoming Depression by Kristian Hall (Book Review #753)”

Suicidal to Superhuman by Mike Dayem (Book Review #794)

Suicidal to superhuman is a self-help book that challenges the ways we currently approach mental health, depression, and suicide. The work borderlines a tool kid and takes a closer look at how people struggle with mental health or mask their emotions. It then provides… Continue Reading “Suicidal to Superhuman by Mike Dayem (Book Review #794)”

Out of the night by JONATHAN C. BLAZER (Book Review #686)

Out of the night is a dark fantasy novel written about James. He is a family man who has lost everything he ever loved. His world is filled with ghosts, and James struggles to understand the meaning of staying alive, beating the demons and… Continue Reading “Out of the night by JONATHAN C. BLAZER (Book Review #686)”

Let’s Pretend: A Tale of Mind, Imagination, and Healing by Christian Hageseth III (Book Review #681)

Let’s pretend is a paranormal fiction story. It is about a sixty-three-year-old man who has Parkinson’s disease. Peter is not only dealing with this situation, but he is also bankrupt, lonely, and struggling to survive with all the loss in his life.