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The Other Side of Sanity by Daniel Shepley (Book Review #1340)

‘The Other side of Sanity’ is an interesting read written about how James Snyder deals with the demons that control his life. His journey is one to read as it contains chilling revelations of his life and how he suffers from mental illness.

These Numbered Days by Anna E. Collins (Book Review #1293)

These numbered days is a contemporary fictional story about Annie Wolff and how she addresses her mental illness by shying away from everyone and giving away her rights to motherhood. She thinks all is well by leaving her kids to her other half, Joel,… Continue Reading “These Numbered Days by Anna E. Collins (Book Review #1293)”

The Truth Now by Anthony Caplan (Book review #1188)

The truth now is a psychological fiction written about Sid Green. The action-adventure is set in New Hampshire State Correctional Facility, where Sid faces a murder charge. After 19 years of jail time, he is free and begins to re-live or build something back.… Continue Reading “The Truth Now by Anthony Caplan (Book review #1188)”

Breaking Free by Julia Tannenbaum (Book Review #1006)

Breaking free is a young adult fiction. It is the second book of its series and continues with Grace, a sixteen-year-old struggling with the world around her. Social expectations and family drama are taking a toll on her. She is overwhelmed and has to… Continue Reading “Breaking Free by Julia Tannenbaum (Book Review #1006)”

Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor (Book Review #695)

Beyond the moon is a mixture of first world war literary, historical fiction with a mix of time travel and love story. The story is about Louisa, who is sadly burying her grandfather. The loss hits her badly, and as she drowns in the… Continue Reading “Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor (Book Review #695)”

Hamartia by Ben Hoene (Book Review #687)

Hamartia is a dark fictional story about Natasha. Thirty years ago, something really awful happened to Natasha, imprinting deep and unforgettable scars on her soul, body and mind. She is mentally ill, on drugs and in her forties when she finally confesses to what… Continue Reading “Hamartia by Ben Hoene (Book Review #687)”

Birth of a New Brain by Dyane Harwood (Book Review #513)

  Birth of a new brain is a self-help book telling the story of a mother trying to survive a rare form of bipolar disease, postpartum mood and anxiety disorder. The journey is hard and displayed the perseverance of a mother struggling in a true… Continue Reading “Birth of a New Brain by Dyane Harwood (Book Review #513)”

Surviving Mental Illness by Linda Naomi Katz (Book Review #23)

Linda Katz offers us a very touching, real-life story describing how life is for someone who is mentally ill. Linda takes us through her entire life starting from her grandparents and discusses everything in detail (like a diary) from losing her loved ones, struggling… Continue Reading “Surviving Mental Illness by Linda Naomi Katz (Book Review #23)”

Effective Treatment for Depression – Is Medication Necessary? by Sharon DeVinney

Effective Treatment for Depression – Is Medication Necessary? by Sharon DeVinney   As I said last month, research shows the best treatment for depression, in general, involves a combination of medication and psychotherapy. There are many therapy approaches, and I will address the most widely… Continue Reading “Effective Treatment for Depression – Is Medication Necessary? by Sharon DeVinney”