Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor (Book Review #695)

Beyond the moon is a mixture of first world war literary, historical fiction with a mix of time travel and love story. The story is about Louisa, who is sadly burying her grandfather. The loss hits her badly, and as she drowns in the sorrow of the matter, she accidentally falls off a cliff and wakes up in a hospital. Strangely enough, she isn’t allowed to leave the location and is trapped like a prisoner, but as she wanders around the area, she happens to meet a blind soldier from WWI.

It was appealing to see the dynamic and relationship between the soldier and Louisa, being centuries apart yet, so in love. I mainly found the dialogue and the way they communicated with each other to be spellbinding, romantic and raw.


The literature-based it’s self on a historical fantasy fiction yet brought up modern-day dilemmas such as mental illness, the conditions patients go under with private care, feminism and war.


I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read historical time travel and romance fiction. I look forward to reading more from this author as she has great writing and possesses the ability to tell capturing stories.


Written by Jeyran Main


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