Tag: psychological fiction

The Truth Now by Anthony Caplan (Book review #1188)

The truth now is a psychological fiction written about Sid Green. The action-adventure is set in New Hampshire State Correctional Facility, where Sid faces a murder charge. After 19 years of jail time, he is free and begins to re-live or build something back.… Continue Reading “The Truth Now by Anthony Caplan (Book review #1188)”

The Balance of Fear by Diana C. Hall (Book Review #1070)

The balance of fear is a psychological fiction book. It is a compelling and emotionally charged story about Elizabeth Stanton. She has run away to Seattle so that she can be an art teacher. Life seems to be going her way until she finds… Continue Reading “The Balance of Fear by Diana C. Hall (Book Review #1070)”

Wicked Girl by IV Olokita (Book Review #600)

Wicked Girl is a psychological thriller written about John Wilcox, who happens to save a girl from a mental institute when an earthquake occurs. Elsie’s father begins searching for her lost daughter, and the journey between John and Elsie begins.